About wooley road salsa

In a small home on Wooley Road that was filled with love, laughter and amazing salsa the journey started.

A loving couple with five daughters started every day with homemade salsa. Not some days or special days but every morning salsa was made. It wasn’t different from day to day; it was always the same amazing salsa packed with flavor.

From boyfriends that later became husbands to children and grandchildren there was always freshly made salsa. For some it was on the “hotter” side and for others it was always described as great flavor.

This tradition from over 80 years ago is being shared with our community.

We started making it for family, friends, parties, BSU games and for breakfast burritos for morning fishing trips. Soon it will be known as Boise's Best Salsa.

Now we're ready to share it with the world. Or at least with people that like great flavor with the perfect amount of heat. (This is not store brand mild salsa...it has flavor and some nice heat.)

Perfect with chips, tacos and quesadillas but also so great on breakfast burritos!

This is the birthplace of Boise's best salsa! Wooley Road Salsa
Boise's Best Salsa - Wooley Road Salsa

Want to know more about how to get Boise's Best Salsa... send me an email. sales@wooleyroadsalsa.com